Bread was not a part of the original plan at Second Avenue SweetS but, as time went on, it seemed like a natural progression for us. We began by offering a simple white bread and a multigrain bread. These two breads still make up the foundation of our bread offerings. We also offer red fife organic whole wheat on Wednesday, a cinnamon raisin on Thursday and a Challah egg braid is available on Friday. We have also added fresh Kaisers, available Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

White Bread (available Tuesday to Saturday)

Made from 100% unbleached Canadian flour, our white bread is a hearty and dense loaf with a chewy browned crust. It makes great sandwiches, especially grilled cheese.

Mulitgrain Bread (Available Tuesday to Saturday)

The base of our multigrain bread is unbleached flour, with a touch of whole wheat flour and a generous handful of mixed grains and seeds. The grains contribute to a fabulous texture, and add a nutty quality to the flavor, as well as contributing to a healthy diet by incorporating more whole grains. The Multigrain loaf is the workhorse of our breads. It is by far the most popular and for good reason, it makes great sandwiches and amazing toast.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread (Available Thursday)

A variation of our white bread, the cinnamon raisin bread is based on an unbleached flour dough that is seasoned with a generous dose of cinnamon and a hearty handful of raisins. This bread is a favorite at our house where we prefer to eat it as toast. We do however, have some regulars who enjoy it as a sandwich with old cheddar and apples, and, although we've never tried it, we can imagine it would be great topped with sliced ripe pears, a shaving of friulano and broiled until melted. Available on Thursdays only, this bread sells out quickly so if you'd like to try a loaf please consider placing an order.  

Challah Braid (Available Friday)

Our Challah braids are based on an unbleached flour base, enriched with farm fresh egg yolks. Of all of our doughs, this one is the most surprising. Before being cooked the dough is dense and stiff, after stretching and braiding, the dough develops a strand like texture. Once baked to a golden brown, the dough is light and fluffy with obvious strands when pulled apart. The Challah braid is an extremely flexible loaf, it is delicious simply pulled apart and eaten out of hand. It also makes the best french toast, bread pudding or strata. We have enjoyed it as a base for bruschetta and it's great lightly grilled or toasted and served alongside steamed mussels, to soak up the broth.

Kaisers (Available Tuesday to Saturday)

For summer 2013 we have added a kaiser bun. We originally developed it for use at the Ottawa Streat Gourmet food truck. The first time we ended up with a few leftovers to try for ourselves, we knew we had to offer them for sale at the shop too. When we were approached to make the bun, we were asked for a bun that was "squishy yet strong enough to hold pulled pork". This bun is it. The inside is bubbly and soft, the outside is golden and just chewy enough to hold together respectably. This bun works wonderfully for pulled pork and is our absolute "go to" bun for homemade burgers. Available Tuesday to Saturday.